Concert Schedule

We are currently looking for the following instrumentalists:

     ·  Violin
     ·  Viola
     ·  Cello
     ·  Bass

Formal auditions are not held, but prospective members are expected to have previous formal instruction.

Rehearsals are held every Wednesday from 7:30-10 pm on the Main Line. Check the calendar below for the rehearsal location. Click here to download the rehearsal schedule or scroll down to see the schedule online.

Please email if you're interested in joining us.

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Music Parts
Rehearsal/Concert Calendar
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     Music Director/Conductor, Mark Gigliotti
     Associate Conductor, David Wetherill
     President, Sherman Leis

Lower Merion Symphony Members

        Violin I
Herold Klein, Concertmaster
Sherry Ash
Elise Chong
Jacqui Ebbert
Caroline Fernandez
Nancy Hale
Emely Karandy Karsten
Diane Makofka
Magdalena Rauscher*
Rachel Riggs
Toneh Williams

        Violin II
Melinda Yin, Principal
Melissa Berg
Beatrice Durham Blackman
Beth Chekemian*
Ruth Dubb
Paula Heller *
Greta Kindermann
Lewis Lo*
William N. Norton
Mary Ray
Danielle Szulanski

Lloyd Frank, Principal
Glen Haber
Steve Salchow
Barbara Warnock

Laurie Wolfe, Principal
Sarah Archer
Celia Aronfreed
Erin Barnes*
Jeremy Blatchley
Joan Chait
Susan V. Clayton
Bernard Henderson*
Robert F. Marvin
Margery Schneider
Charles Thomas

David Majofsky, Principal
Larry Jones, Jr.
Daniel C. Penrith
David Tepper

John W. Kauffman, Principal
Michael Langston, Piccolo
Ruth Thornton

James Peters, Principal
David Kurkowski
Katie Lachance-Duffy, English Horn

Sherman Leis, Principal
Joseph F. Harryhill
Donna Higgins

Donald Greenfield, Principal
Melanie Shaafer

        French Horn
Tyler Bjerke
Al Blatter
Gregory Duffy*
Steve Mazur*
Paul H. Rogers
Robert Swanson
Anndra Wilson

Kris A. Alutius, Principal
Martha Michael
Elliot F. Topper

Edgar Weiss*, Principal
Lynda Chen
Samuel Hickock, Bass Trombone
David O'Connor
John Parkinson*
Mark Ward
Darrell Wyman
Lynette Zimmerman

Lynda Chen

Paul Bernardins, Principal

Jennifer Reams*, Principal
David Louis Brown
Joseph Harryhill
*On Leave **Deceased